....River, New York City. You've landed in the groovy realm of Gaijin a Go Go. "Gaijin is Japanese for "foreign barbarian." And "Go" means the number five. Five Five, get it? We sing in Japanese so you don't have to...

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"GO GO see Gaijin à Go Go! Loved their first CD. Looking forward to their next album."
-Fred Schneider, a B-52

“The grooves are intensely infectious for those that like their ham heavily glazed… ace costumes too.”
- The Onion

“…quite anime…sixties-stylin’…frilly, shiny, booty-twitchin’,”
- The Village Voice

“Infamous . . . gleefully ersatz”
- The New York Times

“providing sophisticated amusement by virtue
of having artificially mannered qualities”

- US Frontline



Read the interview with Kiku in Go Brooklyn newspaper
"Cuckoo for Kiku"


Gaijin à Go-Go is on holiday...

Check out Kiku, D-Jaying for a new party called FUZZANOVA. It's 60's rare grooves from South America!

to enlist: fuzzanova@yahoo.com

Ja matta ne!!!


Can you say 55?