Kiku Kimonolisa as "Fathom Butterfly" - lead vocals

Discovered on a cruise ship off Hawaii, her songs have traveled across international boarders with lyrics that no one can fathom. She's major leagues under the sea.

Saiko Mikan - bass
Practicing season after season in the living room to an audience of his Japanese toy monster collection, Saiko finally felt ready to experiment his low register magic on real humans.
Zen Stephani - keys
No doubt, Gaijin à Go Go is super lucky to have Zen on board. He's got the chops to let you know he's not just a pretty face. Even though he's Just A Boy.
Gamera Obscura - percussion

A founding gaijin has returned to his post after a stint in the French Foreign Legion. He now turns his bongo beat into haiku poetry.

Wink Lady - Cindy T. back up vocals

From Miss Saigon to Sushi pillows, she never fails to put her best go go boot forward in order to sell it. Watch out, she can sell memoirs to a Geisha.

Wink Lady - Cindy Y. back up vocals
With a smile and a wink, you know you're under her spell. Let her sing you her siren song, she knows and enjoys something we don't know.
Lick Shakuhatchi - trumpet
"Lick" is the only member of Gaijin 55 in the musicians union. We don't hold this against him. What we do hold against him is something warm & fuzzy...for details please visit our pay site.
Riuichi Sakagogo The Third - electronic wizzard

Moving on from the Yellow Tragic Orchestra, RS3 got roped into Gaijin à Go Go with a balanced XLR cable...He's still getting untangled.



Meet the Gajin.